Lawrence, KS Dance Studio (Age 2 - Adult)
Ballet, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Jazz, Lyrical, Pointe, Tap, Tumbling & Acrobatics

Competition Corner

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Dance Gallery is proud to support our competitive team led by our creative director Tim Flattery! This years team is comprised of 60 plus girls who perform 70 plus routines at dance competitions throughout and around Kansas! This year the team is excited to be going to Galveston, Texas for our National competition in June! Troupe is a fun and exciting way to take your love for dance to a new level! Contact us if you are interested learning more on how to become of next years troupe team!

Competition Results:


Starquest Regionals Competition 2018



Rainbow Regionals Competition 2018


Petite Level 1 Solo:

Amelia: Double Platinum, Category Winner, 4th Overall

Junior Level 1 Solo:

Alyssa: Platinum, Category Winner, 8th Overall

Junior Level 2 solos:

Kara: Musical Theater – Double Platinum, Category Winner, NYC Experience Invitation, Jr RS DOY Finalist, 3rd Overall

Kara: Lyrical: Double Platinum

Lacey: Double Platinum, Category Winner, Jr Rising Star Dancer of the Year Finalist, 5th Overall

Jacie: Double Platinum, Category Winner, Jr Rising Star Dancer of the Year Finalist, 7th Overall

Arianna: Platinum

Maura: High Gold

Junior Level 3 solo:

Lola: Jazz – Double Platinum, Category Winner, NYC Experience Invitation, 1st Overall, Junior Elite DOY Winner

Lola: Musical Theater – Double Platinum, Category Winner

Lola: Contemporary – Platinum, Category Winner

Teen Level 1 Solo:

Alex: Platinum, 10th Overall

Teen Level 3 Solos:

Olivia: Contemporary – Double Platinum, Category Winner, Teen Dancer of the Year Finalist, 1st Overall

Olivia: Musical Theater – Double Platinum

Alexa: Jazz – Double Platinum, Teen Dancer of the Year Finalist, 8th Overall

Alexa: Contemporary- Platinum

Angel: Lyrical- Double Platinum, 11th Overall

Angel: Musical Theater- Double Platinum, Category Winner

Marina: Platinum, Category Winner

Addie: Musical Theater – High Gold, HDI Invitation

Addie: Jazz – High Gold

Alyx: High Gold

Courtney: High Gold

Malea: High Gold

Senior Level 3 solos:

Savannah: Jazz – Double Platinum, KAR Scholarship, Sr Elite Dancer of the Year Finalist, 8th Overall

Savannah: Contemporary- Platinum

Mackenzie: Platinum, HGI All-Star Invitation

Jenna: Platinum

Skyler: Platinum

Kate: Jazz – Platinum, Category Winner

Kate: Contemporary – Platinum

Sarah: Platinum

Macayla: Platinum

Macy: High Gold

Lydia: High Gold

Beth: Jazz – High Gold

Beth: Contemporary – High Gold


Junior Level 2 Duet:

Lacey & Jacie: Double Platinum, Category Winner, NYC Experience Invitation, 5th Overall

Senior Level 3 Duet:

Mackenzie & Kate: High Gold, Category Winner, HGI All-Star Invitation

Teen Level 3 Duet/Trio:

Malea, Callie & Olivia: Double Platinum, 2nd Overall

Olivia & Alexa: Double Platinum, NYC Experience Invitation, 5th Overall

Alyx & Marina: Double Platinum


Level 3 Super Lines:

Get Ready: Double Platinum, 1st Overall

Petite Level 2 Small:

Remember My Name: Platinum, Judge’s Choice Award, 3rd Overall

Sanctuary: Platinum

Junior Level 2 Large:

X’s & O’s: Platinum, 1st Overall

Junior Level 2 Small:

Clap Snap: Double Platinum, Category Winner, 3rd Overall

Greatest Love: Platinum, Category Winner

Dancing Fool: Platinum, NYC Experience Invitation

Teen Level 3 Large:

The Girls: Double Platinum, 1st Overall

For My Help: Double Platinum, Judges Choice Award, 3rd Overall and IDA People’s Choice Award

Torn: Platinum, 4th Overall

Hot Like Wow: Platinum, HDI Invitation

Anger: Platinum

Anything Goes: Platinum

Torn: Platinum

Teen Level 3 Small Groups:

This is the Walk: Double Platinum, 2nd Overall

Money: Double Platinum, Most Entertaining, 4th Overall, Video of the Year Contestant, IDA Outstanding Performance in Musical Theater

Company Jumps: Platinum

He’s A Dream: Platinum

Senior Level 3 Large:

Black Car: Platinum, 2nd Overall

Senior Level 3 Small:

Womanizer: Platinum, Judges Choice Award

I Love You: Platinum